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At Edison, your military experience is valuable. We need your skills.

We encourage veterans to apply for jobs at Edison, and we look forward to helping you flourish and succeed here. We're a participant in the Department of Defense's Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve program.

Facts at a Glance

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Veterans in SCE Workforce



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SCE Execs Who Are Veterans



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New Hires Who Are Veterans




Meet Veterans at Edison

Military Leave Benefits

We support your military service. Employees (full-time and Part Time Plus) are entitled to the following benefits during military leave: 

  • Differential pay until the end of the active-duty assignment, or for a period not to exceed 24 months, whichever occurs first
  • Differential pay for up to 2 weeks for training
  • Company-paid life insurance premiums, just as for any other employee leave of absence

We offer resources to help veterans of the U.S. Military find rewarding careers at Edison.

  • Valor – our Employee Resource Group for veterans, offers opportunities to meet new people, find new experiences, get involved and give back, while creating a vibrant community of veterans at work.
  • U.S. Department of Labor Employment Services for Veterans