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Clean Energy Technologies

SCE is modernizing the distribution grid to improve reliability and to support clean energy technologies.

These clean energy technologies, collectively known as distributed energy resources, allow customers to have more control over how they produce and use energy. They include private (rooftop) solar production, energy storage, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, and smart thermostat incentive programs.

White Paper: Emerging Clean Energy Economy - Customer-Driven. Modernized. Reliable. (PDF)

Investing in the Distribution Grid

Our main investment goal is to increase power reliability through significant upgrades. Between 2018 and 2020 we will:

  • Automate more than 850 distribution circuits
  • Replace more than 2,000 miles of cable
  • Upgrade lower voltage 4kV wires so that they are better able to accommodate two-way power flows.
  • Replace overhead conductors
  • Replace and upgrade circuit breakers

The Plan to Modernize the Grid

The Distribution Resources Plan that we filed in 2015 describes our plan to increase distributed energy resources in our service area. The plan is based on five key guiding principles:

  • Ensure a safe, reliable and resilient power network
  • Promote customer choice of new technologies
  • Provide affordable and equitable costs of electric service
  • Use competition in purchasing clean-energy resources
  • Reduce greenhouse gases

Read the Plan (PDF)

Cybersecurity and Protecting the Grid

At Edison, we employ cyber best practices and continuously improve our defenses to ensure our utility is protecting and securing the electric grid and customer information.

SCE does this by starting with thoughtful grid design, and then employing a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy, and participating in partnerships and frequent drills.

Learn more

Fact Sheets on SCE’s Grid Modernization Efforts

Looking for a Letter of Support or Commitment?

Our utility, Southern California Edison, collaborates with many organizations to support innovation in the areas of renewable sources of energy, grid optimization, and energy storage. If you are working on a project of this nature and need a letter of support or commitment for a California Energy Commission EPIC proposal, DOE or other funding source proposal, we may be able to help.

Submit a request form at www.sceideas.com