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Decommissioning San Onofre & Doing the Right Thing for the Community

The owners of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station recognize that decommissioning will be a long and complex process requiring the balancing of many interests. We acknowledge that, throughout this entire process, we have many responsibilities:

  • To meet all federal and state regulatory and legal requirements
  • To be a responsible steward for our customers’ contributions to the Nuclear Decommissioning Trust
  • To be a trusted partner to the communities surrounding San Onofre

As members of these surrounding communities ourselves, we aspire to meet these responsibilities and to do the right thing for our region. Working together with the community and stakeholders, we believe that all of the various interests can be balanced for the good of all. We are committed to these core principles, and we are determined that the SONGS decommissioning process will be guided by the core principles and fundamental values of Safety, Stewardship, and Engagement.


We want the decommissioning of SONGS to be the model for the industry, and will be guided by the core principles and fundamental values of Safety, Stewardship, and Engagement.

Safety: A Core Principle & Value in Decommissioning San Onofre

We commit to safely decommissioning SONGS. We are determined to complete the safe decommissioning of SONGS as expeditiously and cost efficiently as possible. Our immediate goal is to safely move the power plant’s spent fuel, now cooling in pools, into dry cask storage as quickly and carefully as we can until the government creates the long-term storage option that it has committed to implement. We will continue to urge the government and other stakeholders to find a solution to provide the timely removal of spent nuclear fuel from the San Onofre site.

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Stewardship: A Core Principle & Value in Decommissioning San Onofre

We are committed to leaving the community better off as a result of having been home to SONGS for 40 years and we will be exploring opportunities for doing so with our landlord, the U.S. Navy, and the community. The owners recognize their legal responsibility to spend the Nuclear Decommissioning Trust funds wisely and return any unused monies to ratepayers.

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Engagement: A Core Principle & Value in Decommissioning San Onofre

We want the SONGS decommissioning process to be managed in an inclusive, forward-thinking and responsible way. In particular, the current and previous owners of SONGS are committed to creating an advisory Community Engagement Panel (CEP) to bring together diverse stakeholders and create a conduit of information and ideas between the owners and the public. The CEP would ensure that all key interests are included and heard: Elected representatives of the surrounding cities and counties, the military, local environmentalists, business, labor, customer interests, and academia.